We'll Make You Look Like A Super Star!

Your Image Is Everything!

How would you like to tell people to "Just Google Me" and when they do, they find dozens of links that talk about how successful you are, how happy your customers are, your accomplishments or what a great citizen you are?

Success follows success! People don't want to follow or purchase from some "No Name" company, guy or gal. If you want to make more sales, then you need to ensure your positive reputation is posted all over the internet! You need massive exposure!

Our job is to make you look like the most successful company or person out there so people have a real reason to follow or purchase from you!

Let's face it, if you want to make more sales you need to be able to walk the walk, talk the talk and most of all you need to appear as if you know what the heck you're doing so people purchase from you!

If you're a serious "Online Marketer" you already know that Blogs have taken over in the Search Engine Rankings! That's right, blogging is one of the fastest ways to obtain organic Search Engine Ranking...so when people Google or use the other search engines to find the right company or person to purchase from or want to learn more about you....we'll help ensure your links are right in front of their face hypnotizing them into a "YES Trance"!

People will Buy from you "IF" you have Exposure!

People buy from people they trust!
We'll Make You Look Like A Million Bucks!

If you really think about it, you joined an opportunity because you felt comfortable with the person you signed up under. Nine times out of ten it's because you have either followed the person online, or you have Googled the person you will be working with and noticed they are everywhere.

We guarantee when you tell someone to Google you and they see your name associated with your company all over the search engines you will obtain the credibility you'll need to land that sale!

Again, it's our job to make you look like the most successful company or person out there so people have a real reason to follow or purchase from you!

Real World Facts

FACT: If you think people don't research you before they buy, think again! Statistics clearly show that today's consumers are more skeptical & clever than ever and will research you before making a purchase.

FACT: Most people who do a search engine inquiry about a company or person rarely go past the 1st or 2nd page of the search engine listings.

FACT: TRAFFIC = SALES! Let's face it, if you want more sales you need massive exposure!

Hiring Our Marketing Team is Like Hiring an Army of SEO
Writers who will make you look like a Superstar!

How The Create My Reputation Program Works

STEP ONE - Place Your Order

Our SEO Team will email you or call you on the telephone within 24 business hours, interview you and collect the following information:

STEP TWO - Place Your Order

We'll ask what keywords you would like associated with your name i.e. your company name, product, or services.
We'll learn a little about your company, products, or services "if needed"
We'll ask you to provide us a little more information about you so we can make you shine
Other important information

STEP THREE - SEO Suppression

Our SEO Engineers will perform a series of calculations on your keyword phrases that will determine the proper algorithmic formula that will allow us to saturate the engines under the desired keywords.

Our SEO Content Specialists and Designers will then begin flooding the search engines with powerful & informational articles about you.

Saturate the search index with positive articles about you
Perform Blog, Article, and Website Back linking & Submissions for you
Design high impact web sites for you
Create and implement proper .XML Goggle Site Maps

NOTE: Basically we're going to design, implement and super saturate the search engines with positive information for you.

STEP FOUR - Ongoing Positive Promotions

Our SEO Team will also provide the proper tags and other keyword factors into your sites and submit your sites to all of the major search engines
Our SEO Team will also algorithmically "Cross Link" all of your sites to your other sites. This will help skyrocket your new positive sites to the top of the     search engines
Our SEO Team will then begin to aggressively "Ping Your New Positive Sites" using our proprietary technology. This will ensure the positive sites stay at the     top of the search Engine...that helps drive your positive information deep into the search engine listings
Provide detailed reporting

Create My Reputation

Features Silver Gold
Niche Keyword Research
Niche Keywords 1 1
Content Articles 1 1

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any monthly fees?

No...this is a one-time fee. If however, you're like 99% of our other clients who have obtained uncanny results... you can simply allow us to keep on plugging away for you each month or use us to spot blog for you when you need additional keywords blogged in your favor. The choice is yours!

How long is this program?

This is a 30 day program. Normally you start to see our postings show up on the search engines in just a few days after we start posting your new domains and sites, but the FINAL positioning / resting spot for the articles can take up to a week after the final search engine submissions..

What will you say about about me and my company in the content that you create?

Awesome Stuff... but we can't show you examples here! Our marketing methods are so hot we don't want anyone stealing our methods and trying to duplicate us! What we can tell you however, is that you will always have the ability to approve the content before we submit anything to the search engines. We never write and submit anything to the search engines without your prior approval.

How many keywords do you cover for me?

We will work with your name and several of your company's primary keyword phrases. Normally your name associated with 3-4 other company specific keyword phrases.

Do you guarantee any ranking position?

We try to dominate the ranking positions for you with the selected keywords, but it's absolutely impossible to know exactly what position your rankings will show up. You'll be surprised by how fast our sites rank and how high they rank, too. So...to answer the question, we are not fortune tellers, but we're surely the best SEO team out there. If we can't get the best rankings for you, no one can.

How long does it take for you to start creating my new site and domains for me?

Well...If you're easy to get a hold of after you purchase, almost right away! So please do us all a favor and if you purchase one of these programs, be available to take our calls. If you're busy when we call and can't talk that's fine, simply tell us when a good time is so we can start working for you right away.

When will you call me?

If you order on a weekend, expect a call on Monday between the hours of 9am-9pm CST. If you purchase during a weekday, expect a call within 24 business hours...or by appointment. We're easy to work with.

If you are not located in the United States, no problem, we will still call you or we can chat via several Instant Message programs such as Skype, Yahoo or AIM. We work just about every time zone.